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Deliberate Disruption

As results- driven, executive design professional, I operate at the intersection of people, innovation and technology; in the epicentre of change. I empower clients with innovative design solutions for impactful digital transformation, customer centricity and a sustainable future for all.

With a relentless passion for innovation that drives and delivers exceptional experiences, my career after fashion design spans customer experience, human centred design and digital transformation and change. I balance a corporate career spanning more than 12 years, with hands on business experience with several startups in my wake.

I love to lead others through design-driven application of principles and methods to execute tactical roadmaps with tangible outputs. I deliver on strategic objectives through meaningful insights and consistent results, with care and integrity.

My purpose led approach enhances the capability of those I lead, those that work with me and ultimately improves the experience of those we design for. 

An experienced facilitator with a skill for unleashing the best from participants; I am able to hold space open to navigate complexity, identify patterns in systems and make sense of change. I am particularly fascinated with the impact disruptive technology has on the human experience.

A PROSCI qualified change management professional enables me to shepherd others through the changes resulting though innovation, digital transformation and design.

A track record of innovative solutions to complex business problems, I thrive on leading and advising on mutli-million dollar key client projects. My experience in dynamic portfolio management enables me to help businesses to manage strategic risk and establish market positions to leverage future changes to their advantage plus future proof their business.

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I feel immensely blessed that I am able to meet & work with such incredibly talented beautiful people through the work I do. I am humbled by their kind words, support and recommendations.

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I was very fortunate that Lisa and I commenced our Strategic Innovation journey, at Suncorp, at the same time. During this period I watched Lisa become the amazing Strategist /HCD /CX/ EX professional that she is today. Lisa warmth and passion for what ever area we worked in was infectious and genuine. Post our Strategic Innovation roles, I had the privilege to see Lisa lead an amazing team that was focused on HCD / CD/ EX. I know Lisa will continue to do amazing things as that’s just part of Lisa DNA.

Autonomous vehicle expert, Innovation & Pricing Manager, Public Speaker

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Working virtually and distributed....Based in Australia.


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